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  • Why choose EEC to install and service my cinema audio/projection equipment?
    With over 35 years of experience in the cinema equipment industry, EEC has the know-how and capability to ensure your project requirements are met. We pride ourselves on the fact that final payment by our customers is not made until they are fully satisfied with the end result.
  • What Geographical Area Does EEC Service?
    EEC primarily services presentation venues on the U.S. East Coast. However, we will accommodate any customer wherever they are located. We have worked across the U.S. and in foreign locations, such as Singapore.
  • Can I Reach EEC After Normal Working Hours ?
    Yes. Our customers have 24/7/365 access to us via an 800# or by mobile number or text.
  • Which Companies Does EEC Partner With and Why?
    We select our manufacturer partners very carefully. Over the years we have built-up strong relationships with only the best makers of quality products that our customers have come to rely on.
  • Does EEC Offer Training Programs?
    YES! We offer on-site or virtual training in technical and management topics. The training sessions are tailored to the customer's specific needs.
  • Does EEC Offer Consulting Services ?
    Yes, many of the projects we work on are custom designed. We work closely with our client's architects, engineers, and contractors to ensure all project specifications are met and meet expectations.
  • Does EEC Perform Preliminary Site Visits ?
    Yes. We will travel to any location. Clients are charged for travel, lodging, and time. However, if the project moves forward and EEC is selected as the equipment provider/installer then the full amount of the initial site visit will be credited against the cost of the equipment.
  • Does EEC Have Any Certifications ?
    Yes, EEC is recognized by all of the major film studios as a digital cinema facilitator. We also have certifications from all of the major cinema equipment manufacturers.
  • Does EEC Sell to The Public ?
    No, we do not sell any of our products or services to the retail market.
  • Why Do People Choose EEC Over the Competition?
    In the very competitive environment, we currently operate in - the competition is only a click away. We pride ourselves on being able to customize and tailor our services to a very demanding customer base. When dealing with historic restorations, science or art museums or special venue presentations the need for precision and special care is requite - and we fulfill that need.
  • Does EEC Offer Free Price Estimates and Quotations ?
    Yes, we'll develop a specific price quotation for every project, however large or small, and recommend the best 'fit' between a project's requirements and equipment selection within budget.
  • Does EEC Service All Types of Movie Theaters?
    NO! We do not service large, multiplex movie chains. Our forte is with supporting independent cinemas, historic theaters, and special venues, such as museums.


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