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Education & Consult

We have always prided ourselves in providing the best, most comprehensive training and education in the industry. 


From Cinema Training Central to on-site tutorials we make sure our customers are fully instructed and up-to-date on the equipment we sell and install.

Rowland Theater, Phillipsburg, PA

Design & Sales

The reason for the success of cinemas over the decades seems obvious in hindsight: the experience transcends the everyday and places the viewer into a sensorial realm unmatched by other forms of public entertainment.

When imaginatively conceived, constructed, and skillfully operated, cinema theaters can perform well for years, and recent technologies are opening new avenues for additional opportunities.

Cathay Theater, Singapore

Success, however, is not automatic. Often, mistakes made during the earliest planning phases have turned what should have been outright winners into cinemas whose performance can only be described as marginal.


EEC exists, in part, to fulfill the theater developer’s need for this planning and analysis. EEC sells a full line of equipment and value-added services, such as, sound and acoustics evaluation, seating and site-line analysis, screen sizing and type, image formats, lenses and lighting calculations, and lobby and concessions planning.

We’ve partnered with the foremost audio and digital projection equipment manufacturers, ensuring our customers screen content the way it was meant to be experienced.


Our sales services include cinema auditorium design, theater restoration assistance, and management/operations consulting.

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Technical Services

Our technical specialists provide hands-on installation and maintenance services on-site and virtually. We provide expert installation of all projection and sound equipment and train theater staff on the proper use and maintenance of all the equipment we sell. We specialize in installing and servicing equipment tailored to the specific needs of our customers:


● Independent Exhibitors

● Historic Theaters

● Art Houses

● University Screening Rooms

● Multipurpose Event Spaces

● Drive-in Theaters

● Archival Film Projection

● Art and Science Museums

We service all types of cinema equipment: digital projection (xenon and laser), sound processors and speakers, digital content and integrated media servers, amplifiers and signal processors, and all the required parts and accessories to keep your equipment in top-operating condition.

Capitol Theater, Rome, NY

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